Stickers and sticky labels as a unique
marketing tool

Printing stickers is one of the most popular types of printing products. Their use in marketing has become widespread. With their help, they promote products, popularize the brand, and use them as part of an advertising campaign. For businesses, ordering stickers is not too much of an expense, so they readily use this tool.

Purpose of stickers

Brand recognition and improvement of its image depend not only on the advertising campaign, but also on the external design of the packaging. Manufacturers are trying to stand out from the competition, with the obligatory observance of the characteristics of the industry and the norms of the law regarding information for the buyer.

Even more, custom-made stickers for pharmaceuticals and manufactured goods will differ significantly, because there are restrictions even regarding the colors, materials, designs, patterns used.

The main purpose is to inform customers about a particular type of product. Moreover, the creation of a separate paper carrier and attaching it to the product turned out to be a very inconvenient solution. Therefore, they began to use stickers that are easily attached to the package and are securely held on it. With a compact size, it is possible to place all the necessary information.

But that’s not all. Ordering stickers is an opportunity to use them as an advertising tool. In this case, our company is ready to offer the services of designers and regraphers who will create an image that is especially attractive to potential consumers.

Sectors of use of stickers

Such printing products are used for the following purposes:

  • creating the necessary atmosphere for the presentation of goods, services. Printing high quality stickers will help decorate the space and set up potential customers, partners in a positive way;
  • marking of goods in stores, shopping centers. The very barcodes that must be on products and things so that they can be “punched” at the checkout are stickers. In this case, stickers are printed without images.
  • advertising campaign decoration. Marketers have appreciated the possibilities of attracting an audience at low cost;
  • organization of work in the office. Stickers for marking documents, folders are especially convenient. Sticking marks takes a couple of seconds, and keeping order will be easier;
  • production of souvenirs with the company logo. Stickers of different sizes can be pasted on pens, notepads, folders, etc.

Decals have also been used in interior design. With their help, you can quickly and easily transform any room.

Overview of sticker types

Stickers are created from different materials, the choice of one or another depends on the specifics of the product on which it will be used.

Paper based stickers

Producing stickers on self-adhesive paper is the most affordable solution. To create an image, offset, digital or silk-screen printing methods are used. Such products are intended for indoor use or in places where the influence of weather factors is excluded. They are glued to: metal, glass, tile, furniture, doors, refrigerator, laptop, folders.

Please note: paper stickers are not the best solution for embossed surfaces.

Holographic stickers

Holographic ones are mainly ordered from a printing house for additional protection of documents, in particular letterheads. Although the use is not limited to this method.

Techniques for printing and cutting stickers

When ordering sticker printing in Kyiv or with delivery to any other region, you need to make a choice of one or another printing method. There are:

  • digital. Relevant for small circulations, if you need to create a high-quality image and accurately apply it to the material;
  • offset. Suitable for large print circulations. Moreover, in this case, the price of printing stickers will be quite acceptable. The highest quality printing;
  • widescreen. Needed to create large stickers. This technology allows you to apply contrasting images on stickers of any shape.

The next important step is die-cutting out the required shape. For this, crucibles, stop cylinders are used. Due to the use of such equipment, it is possible to obtain products of absolutely any shape.

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