Paper bags: how packaging affects the formation of the image

For companies that choose paper packaging for corporate gifts and presentation of their products, it is important to first understand the nuances in order to understand what to go to the manufacturer with – with a list of tasks or a ready-made layout. The image of the company depends on how the manufacturer of paper bags realizes the idea.

Giving gifts, souvenirs, and promotional materials to employees, customers, and partners is a pleasant tradition that is followed in many countries around the world. The fact that the company can afford it speaks volumes about its viability. However, high-quality packaging makes such a marketing move effective, impressive. comfortable, beautiful, informative, practical and environmentally friendly. Preference is often given to “bags” made of paper, made to order.

A durable, capacious bag with handles is not a disposable product, as it becomes a carrier of information about the company, a long-lasting advertisement.

What distinguishes a presentation paper bag

There are a lot of packaging design options:

  1. The size and shape depends on the intended content, which will be completely hidden inside. Therefore, a different format is needed for a box of chocolates and stationery, which is discussed and approved separately.
  2. The type of paper is responsible for the presentability, strength, wear resistance of a paper product. It is chosen depending on the status of the recipient of the gift, as well as the level of the event.
  3. Color, text, drawing are variable components that:
    • correspond to the corporate style;
    • contain only the logo;
    • offer full information about the company, services provided;
    • reflect the name of the product.

The printing of paper bags begins only after agreeing on all the nuances of design. This is either your own layout, or created by the joint efforts of the customer and the designers of the printing house. The full production cycle allows you to work consistently, quickly, and control the process at all stages of working with an order, including the moment of shipment of finished products.

What paper bags are made of

The answer is obvious – from paper, but of different types:

  • kraft paper is the most environmentally friendly, based on cellulose fibers. Standard color is light brown. Kraft packaging material passes air well, absorbs moisture, but does not collapse from it. Suitable for packaging of advertised products, gifts, souvenirs, branded stationery;
  • coated. It is distinguished by bright colors, presentable appearance, clarity of images, beautiful shine and pleasant tactile sensations. This result is obtained by single- or multi-layer coating – applying a coating paste on a cellulose base;
  • cardboard is the thickest material that is made at the factory from pulp and waste paper. Printing cardboard is thinner than other grades, for gloss and durability it is coated with a coated layer.

Paper bags to order have other differences. A necessary detail is handles, for the manufacture of which it is proposed to order paper twisted twine, satin ribbons, braided cord with or without a tip.

Ways to design paper bags

The design layout of packaging for a corporate gift takes into account the specifics of the work of the customer company. Using different types of post-processing, the printing house makes packages unique. In addition to a wide range of colors and lamination, it is proposed to apply a picture and text in several ways:

  • foil stamping – obtaining an in-depth image;
  • UV varnishing is a type of glossing. Varnish is applied either in a continuous layer, or only on drawings and inscriptions;
  • embossing – the creation of a convex (volumetric) pattern, which is applicable on almost all paper surfaces.

Processes are either combined or used separately. To diversify packages from one batch without changing the format, the technologist will suggest using two or three design options.

How to choose the right option for paper bags

It is necessary to give the go-ahead to printing packages only when there is complete confidence that the created layout corresponds to the upcoming event, meets specific tasks, and the recipients will like it.

Paper packages with handles will look logical at any event: conferences, anniversaries, calendar or professional holidays, presentations, etc. Before designing, it is important to consider the number of required copies and the text of the inscription. On festive and souvenir ones, it reflects the essence of the event; on presentation ones, it contains the name of the product and the brand.

Creating a prototype of paper bags, it is better to rely on the experience of the designer and technologist in order to avoid misunderstandings and unreasonable expenses.

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