Custom-made magnets will be useful for everyone: businesses during marketing activities, private clients (as a souvenir, a memorable accessory). This is a powerful but unobtrusive promotional tool, as well as a nice gift. People are happy to use magnets at home and in offices: they attach notes, reminders, decorate a refrigerator or workplace, and play with children. A well-made souvenir does not irritate, so it always remains in sight. We offer to order a small print run or a large batch in the Design Print Ukraine company, we will fulfill any wishes.

Printing magnets is a profitable investment
in promoting your business

The form, design, concept depends solely on your vision and advertising goals. Rectangular, square, figured, in the form of puzzles – the printing house Design-Print Ukraine will embody any printing whim. We work with customer’s layouts, if necessary, we provide designer services.

Custom-made magnets are an effective form of souvenir advertising. They can be packaged individually and attached to any product, distributed at exhibitions and festivals, and presented as incentive prizes for various marketing activities. Souvenirs depict the brand logo, thematic illustrations, fictional characters (especially relevant for baby food, sweets), make motivational or educational inscriptions. The more interesting the concept, the more willing the client is to buy the product that comes with a magnet. If this is a series or a puzzle, there is an incentive to repeat purchases – customers want to collect the entire collection.

Printing magnets will allow you to achieve noticeable results with a small investment. This is an element of a marketing strategy that works for brand awareness, forms a strong emotional attachment among buyers. With their help, any advertising campaign can be turned into a game, people will be happy to collect souvenirs and exchange them. And since a beautiful magnet is always in sight, it invariably reminds the audience of your brand. This is an advertisement that a person places at home himself.

Custom-made magnets are a popular
gift and souvenir product

Not only manufacturers of goods or service providers choose to order magnets. Souvenir products are useful in different cases:

  • it is distributed free of charge at promotions to present a new brand, product or service, to inform about upcoming activities, i.e. generate interest;
  • handed out at celebrations, corporate events, anniversaries – on the one hand, this is an alternative to a postcard, on the other, an element of team building, it all depends on the presentation;
  • invest in gift sets (for guests, potential partners, clients or colleagues).

This is a memorable souvenir for tourists and vacationers, or a gift for a loved one. It is appropriate to order magnets for a wedding, anniversary or any important event. Original souvenirs attract attention and bring joy!

Design-Print Ukraine is a full-cycle industrial printing house with 20 years of experience

Why should you order magnets from us?

  1. We offer the best solution for every task. Limited budget? Short term? Qualified employees will find a way out of the situation, while maintaining quality. We work on modern equipment, so we guarantee high quality printing.
  2. We cooperate with large international and domestic corporations (the list of clients is available at the link “About us”), with almost all of them on a regular basis, therefore we carefully control the quality. Multi-level control of the process eliminates even the smallest waste. ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  3. We fulfill orders just in time, because we are not dependent on third-party contractors and transportation. We are a full cycle printing house, i.е. we independently control instead of the stages of production. We ship magnets on time (it is possible to send a full circulation or partially when ready).
  4. We have extensive experience, so we can realize any printing idea of ​​the customer.
  5. We have designers on staff who can help develop the concept and choose the right design.

Are you interested in magnet printing? Contact us for detailed advice. We will answer the questions, and the manager will inform you about each stage of the process. Production is located in Kyiv, we work with customers from all over Ukraine.

We remind you: you can order magnets, as well as other printing, souvenirs and pos-materials, packaging for food and cosmetics, boxes (including gift boxes), books and magazines from Design-Print Ukraine. We have everything you need for high-quality packaging of your business.

Do you want to become our client? Contact us, our managers are always glad to see you!