Printing logo stickers as a way to promote a brand

The most convenient way to brand products is to order stickers with a logo. It is characterized by low cost, mobility and high efficiency. Original stickers are loved by adults and children, so with their help you can quickly win a loyal audience. The ability to collect them as a reward for purchases and exchange them for gifts is a proven way to organize promotions. 

Using stickers on products is a great option for:

  • small private companies that are engaged in the production of an exclusive product. For each product, you can stick information about the company, about the care of the thing;
  • information about promotions. Holiday-decorated products will attract more attention than traditional packaging;
  • allocation of limited edition products with unique properties, which will allow not to change the packaging entirely.

Advertising stickers can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, some large corporations add stickers with their logo to product packaging. With their help, buyers decorate their things and literally wear brand advertising with them.

Why it is worth ordering the printing of stickers with a logo

Logo stickers are a popular way for marketers to advertise their products. It is difficult to find an organization for which this technique is not suitable, because it differs:

  • high return on investment. The presence of stickers impresses 100% of customers;
  • flexibility. You can order self-adhesives for a specific season, use them to highlight a separate batch of goods, or create a unique design for a specific region;
  • creative possibilities. Stickers are perfectly compatible with different base materials, so they can decorate literally anything. When receiving creative stickers, many immediately seek to place them in the most visible place, which is not typical for other types of promotional products.

Stickers contribute to the formation of trusting relationships with the client audience and increase brand loyalty. With their help, you can organize marketing campaigns, advertise your products and increase the number of clients of the organization. They can be a great addition to other materials, help to interest in buying a product by getting nice bonuses in the form of stickers.

Areas of use for logo stickers

Stickers can be more than just a marketing tool that serves to attract attention and increase customer loyalty. A great way to save money is to stock up on logo stickers as they are easy to use everywhere:

  • on any product. The sticker can inform about the expiration date of the product, the availability of a special discount, contain information about the composition or highlight exclusive qualities. A bright sticker serves to attract attention and helps to highlight the product on the shelf;
  • in a shop window. Colorfully designed advertising information pasted on the window will attract the attention of passers-by. You can print here the opening hours of the establishment or a unique offer that will encourage you to visit your store;
  • on the packaging. The sticker will cost much less than other methods of applying the company logo and important information;
  • at corporate events. Branded self-adhesives can be an excellent addition to presentations to the best employees and partners of the company. Their use will demonstrate loyalty to the brand and increase its awareness.

An important advantage of stickers and decals is that they can be completely removed from the surface of objects without damage.

Variety of self-adhesive promotional products

The “Design-Print Ukraine company prints stickers with a logo of any complexity. We provide:

  • products of all possible formats – from a few centimeters in length and width to A2;
  • production of bright colorful stickers, the design of which will definitely attract the attention of customers;
  • printing of barcodes, address labels on envelopes, price tags, which makes everyday work easier;
  • stickers of a standard (rectangular, oval) or unusual complex shape;
  • stickers with matte or glossy.

Paper or film can be used as the basis for printing. Paper stickers are cheaper and disposable. They are quite difficult to peel off, as they are torn in the process. This option is optimal for labeling inexpensive goods that are away from high humidity. Self-adhesive film is more practical – it can be easily peeled off entirely, is not subject to mechanical damage, is washable and easily tolerates adverse environmental conditions. With it, you can make transparent stickers with a logo.

Design-Print Ukraine – professional
printing house for business

Colorful stickers of any format with accurate color reproduction are made in the capital company Design-Print Ukraine. A large fleet of modern professional equipment allows us to quickly perform work of any complexity in accordance with international quality standards. Owning a full cycle production, we are fully responsible for the result and guarantee the absence of delays in the manufacture of products. Cooperating with Design-Print Ukraine, the client can count on a full range of services – from the development and approval of the layout of the project to the receipt of finished promotional products. We are not limited to the provision of printing services – we will also carry out post-print processing, cutting and packaging of finished stickers and decals. Also, in the printing industry, you can order the delivery of finished, appropriately packaged printed products.

In Design-Print Ukraine they not only perform turnkey work, but also take into account the wishes and needs of each of the clients. To do this, a personal manager is assigned to each of them, which allows you to quickly supervise the progress of work and, if necessary, make changes at any stage.

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