A magnet with a logo is an attribute
that your business needs

What is corporate style? This is a set of visual elements that affect brand awareness and distinguish it from competitors. Among all the printed materials of an advertising nature, it is worth highlighting magnets with a logo – image accessories for promoting the company.

They are distributed among existing and potential customers, partners, and employees. In each case, the goals are different, and the desired effect can be achieved if the products are made with high quality. Design-Print Ukraine offers services for the development of layouts with subsequent printing. We will create visually appealing products with your logo that can be used to promote your brand.

What functions do magnets
with a company logo perform?

Any modern enterprise, organization is not just a producer of goods or services, but also a subject of communication. In order to successfully sell a product, it must be advertised. To increase audience loyalty or attract new customers, it is important to communicate with them. To motivate employees, it is worth rallying the team, including with the help of branded accessories.

Look out for company logo magnets if you want to increase brand awareness. Such a seemingly small thing will be useful in the following cases:

  • A business souvenir is presented to partners to informally testify to a business relationship. It’s kind of a compliment. It can also be given to partners on any significant occasion. For example, for a professional or other holiday, anniversary, at the conclusion of a deal, etc.
  • A magnet with a logo is an effective advertising medium. Customers are happy to attach magnets to refrigerators or other metal surfaces, and marketers assure that advertising placed inside the house is much more trustworthy than outdoor advertising. A branded accessory can be presented when buying a product or service, presented at an exhibition or presentation.
  • Company paraphernalia is also distributed among the company’s employees. Some will take the magnets home or give them to relatives and friends, others will attach them at the workplace. Looking at such things, colleagues feel a commonality, they feel part of a single whole.

How exactly to use company logo magnets is up to you. Our task is to make them beautiful and of high quality. The accumulated experience allows specialists to take on tasks of any complexity.

What can be a magnet with a corporate logo
and what determines its cost

We carry out magnets with a logo to order according to your sketches, and also provide designer services. After all, in order to achieve the desired effect, printing must meet several requirements:

  • have a well-thought-out composition to evoke extremely positive emotions in the audience;
  • attract attention and evoke emotions – then they will want to place the magnet in a conspicuous place;
  • emphasize the uniqueness of your company, match the corporate style.

We work on modern printing equipment, so we guarantee high-quality color rendering on different materials. All products that we produce comply with international quality standards. With this approach, your company will not go unnoticed.

The price of a magnet with a logo depends on the circulation (we work with large and small volumes), the materials used, as well as the complexity of the task. If you have any difficulties with the design, use the services of our designer. Click the “Get a consultation” button, the manager will answer any questions regarding the production of branded printing products. We accompany clients at all stages, from registration to delivery of the order. We value our time and yours, so we meet deadlines.

Benefits of working with Design-Print Ukraine

We are a full-cycle industrial printing house with 20 years of experience. We produce printing of all types, including magnets with a logo for metropolitan and regional companies. Why should you entrust the implementation of the project to us?

  1. We take a comprehensive approach to any task: we help with the concept, we use modern equipment.
  2. Professional Solutions. We are not afraid of tight deadlines and limited budgets, we find a way out of different situations.
  3. Lack of contractors. We do not involve third-party specialists, so we save time and your money.
  4. Quality control (5 stages) in accordance with international standards. The probability of defect is minimized.

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