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The gift is evaluated by the packaging

The first emotions are always the brightest, and the first impression is the strongest. That is why, when choosing a gift, we always carefully select the packaging for it. We strive to match the mood of the holiday, the character of the future owner and the gift itself, but at the same time be memorable, stylish and even practical. All this must be taken into account in the manufacture of gift packaging. This is a special process that needs to be delegated only to professionals, because not only the authority of the company is at stake, but also the emotions of people who trust you.

The main functions of gift wrapping

The fashion for beautifully wrapped gifts was born in the USA after the Great Depression and quickly spread around the world. Increasingly, people began to make it a rule not only to choose a suitable present, but to present it beautifully in order to demonstrate their originality together with love and care.

Very quickly, this trend was picked up by large companies, which, having studied consumer demand, brought the production of gift packaging to the stream. Today it is an obligatory attribute of the festive atmosphere and performs several important functions:

  • Practical. Packaging not only makes the gift more convenient to transport, but also protects it. After all, it is difficult to imagine a tea set that is presented without an appropriate box.
  • Advertising. Goods in beautiful packaging always attract in the first place. He is more likely to be noticed and bought. So, with one purchase, friendship with a brand can begin.
  • Showing concern for the consumer. By resorting to the manufacture of gift packaging, the manufacturer of goods simplifies the task for the buyer. He immediately sells a ready-made solution, eliminating unnecessary worries and expenses.
  • Reminder to buy. This feature is most relevant for products sold on calendar holidays. Let’s take a New Year’s set of sweets. They appear on the shelves much earlier than the celebration and with their bright design unobtrusively remind customers that it’s time to look for gifts under the Christmas tree.

In order to achieve an accurate hit on all of these goals, the process of developing such printing must be approached responsibly, taking into account the preferences of consumers, as well as the opinions of marketers and designers.

Features of the preparation of gift packaging

The production of gift wrapping offers the widest range of exclusive solutions. The trend today is not pretentiousness, but environmental friendliness and practicality. The best solution is to make paper gift wrapping. It can be divided into three groups:

  • Gift bags.
  • Gift boxes.
  • Gift envelopes.

Bags. Thanks to the space for decoration, this type of custom gift wrapping easily combines practicality and beauty, festive mood and corporate style. Modern technologies make it possible to produce bags from various types of paper (coated paper, kraft paper, etc.) and various formats (horizontal, vertical, bottle-shaped). There are also various options for handles: die-cut, ribbon, or paper. The advantage is also the prospect of reuse. If the package is comfortable and strong, it can be used to store or transport things.

Boxes. They are used to give souvenirs, cosmetics, accessories, clothes, dishes and many other items that have received the status of a gift. The production of this type of gift packaging is carried out from cardboard of various strength levels. The form of execution depending on the wishes of the customer and the characteristics of the product may vary. These can be boxes of the “lid-bottom”, “casket”, “pack” type or a model with a demonstration window – open or with a transparent plastic insert.

Envelopes. This custom gift wrapping is not produced as often as the two above types. Folders are used to present certificates, vouchers, certificates or documents confirming ownership. There are paper or cardboard, they are laminated to give strength.

Peculiarities of making gift wrapping

It is immediately appropriate to decide that the use of higher quality materials is preferable for the production of gift wrapping. So it will be able to meet the requirements for elegance and presentability, highlighting the gift from an ordinary purchase. Particular attention is paid to design: it must not only match the corporate style, but also be bright to give a mood.

If we are talking about packages, then in the production of gift packaging, it is worth considering options using lamination (matte or glossy), using embossing or varnishing. This will give the finished product a more solemn look.

In the case of boxes, there are much more nuances. They can be of various types and sizes.

Depending on the upcoming functionality, custom-made gift packaging is made of chrome-ersatz cardboard, micro corrugated cardboard or binding cardboard.

The first one is used for the production of packaging for light items: clothes and small souvenirs. Micro Corrugated cardboard is a fairly cheap and durable material, up to 3.5 mm thick. The peculiarity of the structure allows you to apply an image on it only by laminating, i.e. liner stickers with a finished pattern. Decorativeness in this case is achieved by subsequent varnishing or lamination.

Binding cardboard, although it has a smaller thickness (from 1 to 3 mm), is much superior to micro corrugated cardboard in terms of strength and aesthetics, so many people prefer it when making gift packaging.

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