Gift boxes to order

The most expensive cardboard box was sold at auction for more than $185,000. The item received this value due to the presence of autographs of all members of the British royal family.

The example clearly teaches: the creation of any packaging must be approached thoroughly, because you never know what kind of story it will begin. Especially when it comes to the production of custom-made gift boxes, which in one way or another will be involved in the happy moments of a particular person’s life.

Requirements for making gift boxes

The production of gift boxes is a direction in the printing industry, which is quite reasonably subject to increased requests and requirements. After all, what is obtained at the finish line no longer has the status of an ordinary package. This is an integral part of the product itself, an element of a gift and a festive mood. These circumstances must be taken into account if it becomes necessary to order a gift box. 

What are the other requirements for this special packaging?

  1. Aesthetics. It should be beautiful, like the solemn moment itself, but in appearance and style correspond to its inner content. Colorful packaging is absolutely inappropriate for an expensive gift pen.
  2. Strength. The purpose of the box is not only to protect against damage during transportation or sale, but also to ensure reliable operation throughout the entire life cycle of the product. Keep this in mind when ordering gift boxes.
  3. Practicality. Such packaging is rarely thrown away. Most often, it finds re-use for storing various small things, so a practical and simple design in this case comes out on top. 

Determining the appropriate size of the holiday package is also important. Will it tightly fix the placed goods or is there still a lodgement? In any case, when choosing gift boxes to order, keep in mind that the volume should not be one and a half times the size of the gift.

Another question that needs to be addressed before producing gift boxes: will they be branded? Marketers believe that the logo on such packaging must certainly be placed. There are only nuances in size. If the box is intended for the sale of gift items, then the brand name should be unobtrusive. It captures the quality of the product and its belonging to the brand. If gift boxes to order will be produced for the subsequent gifting of employees of the company or business partners, then it is reasonable to give the logo on them a central place.

The choice of material in the production of gift boxes

The first effect and the first emotions from a gift are the packaging. It adjusts to the correct perception of an object that is still hidden from the eyes. That is why the manufacture of gift boxes involves the use of high-quality materials that can provide the product with a decent look and durability.

Binding cardboard is most often used for the production of gift boxes. The thickness of the material is determined depending on the dimensions and weight of the future content. Micro corrugated cardboard, which is subjected to additional processing – lamination, is also well suited. Custom gift boxes made from this material are best suited for breakable goods. For souvenirs and light items, you need boxes made of chrome-ersatz cardboard, which is resistant to abrasion.

You need to understand that the modern technologies that professional printing houses are equipped with make it possible to produce gift boxes from cardboard of different strengths and colors. The choice of a suitable material should always be negotiated with the specialists of the organization where you decide to produce custom-made gift boxes. They will help you choose the best price / quality ratio, taking into account the specifics of the product for which the packaging is intended.

What should the gift box look like?

The answer to this question often depends on the characteristics of the items to be packaged, as well as on the celebration to which the gift is oriented. Production implies various options – from pencil cases to chests. The form can be improved and modified depending on the vision and wishes of the customer. 

Let’s consider the most practical and popular:

  • Lid-bottom. Universal type of gift box. Available in rectangular, square, round or custom shapes. Suitable for packaging and all kinds of gifts and souvenirs.
  • Pencil case. Best options for small items: jewelry and other accessories.
  • Casket. A box whose lid is attached to one of the main parts. Great solution for watches.
  • With a magnetic latch. Suitable for fragile items and business gift wrapping.

Given the great responsibility that lies with gift boxes, it is always better to consult with specialists when creating them. By joint efforts, you will certainly choose an option that will give joy to the buyer, and you – satisfaction with the results of the work done.

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