Producing fridge magnets

Ordering fridge magnets is an excellent solution for large brands or small companies, retail chains, as well as anyone interested in souvenir and advertising printing. Do not underestimate the magnets, they are not only a nice souvenir, but also a good advertising medium. People are happy to place them at home, have collections. Think about what exactly should be depicted on the product, we will promptly, according to the deadlines, print the required circulation of high-quality printing.

What is the secret of the popularity of fridge magnets

Mass production of fridge magnets began in 1970. The patent was registered by William Zuckerman, who saw their potential and real value. Quite quickly, souvenirs became an element of advertising, and people began to collect such products with pleasure. Today they are hugely popular: custom-made fridge magnets are an integral part of the marketing campaigns of food manufacturers, food delivery services, tour operators and other brands seeking to increase their visibility. Products are ordered if they launch promotions, bring a new product to the market, for holidays or memorable dates, etc.

What distinguishes magnets to order for the refrigerator from other polygraphy? Why do your customers like them? The answer is simple: it is difficult to find a person who would not use magnets in everyday life. Both adults and children like them. With their help, you can mount handwritten or printed messages, to-do lists on metal surfaces, play with children (if this is a collection or products are united by some common feature). In addition, souvenirs perform a decorative function and can even mask small surface defects. And most importantly, they serve as a wonderful reminder of any brand, performance, event, important date.

Souvenirs of this kind are compact, bright, and always attract attention. We can bring any concept to life. Printing fridge magnets is possible according to customers’ layouts, we also provide designer services. As a result, you will receive the necessary circulation of beautiful and high-quality magnets that people will gladly attach to their refrigerators. And since the kitchen is perhaps the most popular place in the apartment, the souvenir will not go unnoticed.

What fridge magnets are manufactured
by Design-Print Ukraine

We have been working with souvenir and printing products for over 20 years. The production of fridge magnets is a service that has been used by dozens of companies known in Ukraine and abroad. The products are particularly popular with food and baby products companies.

What kind of printing becomes an effective marketing tool and how exactly does this happen? The following options are possible:

  • A magnet is attached to the product packaging, for example, with a logo or a character, a brand symbol. You can beat him in different ways: “dress” him in a festive costume, “send” him on a trip, etc.
  • Using magnets-elements of a puzzle or game. Often used on children’s products (dairy products, sweets), it stimulates repeat purchases and forms a strong attachment to the brand on an emotional level.
  • A magnet as a prize for performing a specific action: buying a certain amount of goods, rewarding for participating in any activity.

Printing fridge magnets is appropriate for advertising campaigns of brands, retail chains and other marketing activities. These can be souvenirs with or without a logo, the print is limited only by your imagination. We will realize any idea. The scope of use of magnets is quite wide: corporate parties, exhibitions, festivals, banquets, weddings, anniversaries and other mass events.

About the benefits of working with
Design-Print Ukraine

A full-cycle industrial printing house provides a range of services for the development and printing of all types of printing, including custom-made refrigerator magnets. We find the best options in any case.

Why do customers from Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine trust us for 20 years?

  • We carry out complex tasks. We manufacture exclusive products on modern equipment, attracting highly qualified specialists.
  • We have international certification ISO 9001:2015 – full-color, high-quality printing. To exclude defects, we use a 5-level verification system.
  • We fulfill orders in a timely manner, we can provide the first batch ahead of schedule. This is possible because the printing house is a closed cycle production, we do not involve third-party contractors. Most importantly, we value your time and ours.

We are ready to fulfill any printing whim, help with design development, so that the fridge magnet will surely fulfill its marketing goal. A beautiful souvenir does not irritate, but rather attracts attention, constantly reminds a person of your company or event. We approach each task responsibly, so 95% of customers come back. Follow the link “Get a consultation” and become our client. We accompany you at all stages of order fulfillment.

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