Production of packaging for cosmetics

The beauty industry requires a special approach not only to the creation of products, but also to their presentation. Packaging for cosmetics is the most effective tool that helps to attract the attention of potential customers to your product. By appearance, the buyer can pre-evaluate the quality of the content and make an impression about the brand. Stylish and trendy design is a powerful incentive to increase sales. It demonstrates the compliance of the cosmetic product with the latest trends, helps to identify your favorite brand and encourages you to buy new products.

What is the special importance of cosmetic packaging?

When picking up a cosmetic product for the first time, the consumer does not know about its features and properties. Thoughtful packaging of cosmetics will allow him to get valuable information about the product:

  • product composition. To indicate the list of cosmetic components is the responsibility of each manufacturer. The outer wrapper is the most convenient place to put this information;
  • the benefits of using. Highlighting the key features of the product directly on the product is a great solution that will make it easier for the buyer to find the right product that can meet his needs;
  • method of application. Providing this data will help the buyer to use cosmetics correctly and achieve the best results.

Often, cosmetic packaging acts as a protection for branded products from fakes. Its unique design is quite difficult to copy. The original design gives a special value to the product.

Thoughtful design is the key to successful sales

To draw attention to the product is the main task of bright boxes and bottles of non-standard shape, which flaunt on store shelves. High competition pushes manufacturers to search for non-standard solutions, with the help of which it will be possible to distinguish their own brand cosmetics from competitors. 

Cosmetic packaging can solve several important problems:

  • make your brand more recognizable. Corporate identity, logos, the use of a special packaging format will make it easy to find the products of your favorite cosmetic company in the store;
  • attract customers. By highlighting the main properties of products with the help of external design, you make it easier for the buyer who is looking for a product with certain characteristics;
  • affect emotions and feelings. Appearance allows you to determine the quality of the product even before testing and evokes appropriate associations;
  • present a novelty. A special design will help identify such products and draw increased attention to them;
  • select special offers. By brightly marking unique promotions and bonuses, you will get an excellent result of the promotional campaign;
  • give gifts to customers. Beautifully designed kits, the release of which is dedicated to the holidays, will help increase sales.

Thoughtful packaging for cosmetics performs not only an aesthetic, but also a practical function. It must be strong enough and protect the contents from external mechanical influences and damage. The box will provide products with stability on the store shelf, ease of transportation and storage.

How to grab a client’s attention with design

Before ordering packaging for cosmetics, it is worth not only visually assessing its attractiveness, but also determining the specifics of the impact on the buyer. Each of the components of design plays a role in the overall perception:

  • color is the first thing that attracts attention. It has the ability to influence the subconscious of buyers. Dark shades are associated with high performance, blue shows reliability, and red shows strength and power. Green is the choice of eco-friendly brands, white symbolizes cleanliness, and blue represents cosmetics belonging to the elite class;
  • form allows you to identify the product as unique at a glance. It may demonstrate the specifics of its components or have a design characteristic of a particular product line;
  • images are a way of forming associations. With their help, you can demonstrate the exclusivity of products and their belonging to a particular segment;
  • text accompaniment – even a short slogan is enough to get the most important information about the nature of the product and emphasize its uniqueness.

By using the key design elements of cosmetic products, you will be able to present your product in the most favorable light, correctly demonstrating its best sides to customers.

Modern trends in the design of packaging for cosmetics

The production of packaging for cosmetics that will please the client and attract his attention cannot be organized without taking into account modern trends. One way or another, they affect each consumer and influence the degree of demand for your offer. 

The main current trends are:

  • minimalism. It is distinguished by the simplicity of forms and the absence of a large amount of decor. Great for cosmetics, the properties of which can be described in a few words. Convenient simple packaging is in great demand among the male audience;
  • mobility. Packaging, which is easily transformed and allows you to highlight a separate product, pleases with its practicality and convenience;
  • eco-friendly approach. The use of environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable materials in the production is an important distinction of the eco-trend;
  • vintage. The achievements of the past years not only inspire, but also emphasize the exclusivity of cosmetics. A special finish demonstrates the luxury and good taste of its owner;
  • positivism. Cosmetic packaging with bright images and funny cartoon characters is also in demand among adults today.

Taking into account current trends and customer priorities, you will easily win a loyal customer audience and be able to promote your own brand.

How do you showcase your brand with packaging?

It is important for a brand to form its own style and unique approach to product design. It is desirable that the entire production of packaging for cosmetics is subject to a single idea.

Pharmacy cosmeticsFeatures an easy-to-read label with lots of information and a simple design.
Exclusive productsThey are distinguished by smooth shapes and concise design with gold and silver embossing. Materials that are pleasant to the touch are often used in their production.
Eco-friendly productsThe closeness to nature is emphasized with the help of images of plants, flowers, folk ornaments. Often, minimalist craft packaging is used to highlight eco-products.
Goods of the middle price segmentStand out with soft neutrals, a custom logo and a clean, understated style.
Mass market cosmeticsDraws attention with bright labels and large fonts.

Often brands use a certain color scheme, place a unique logo or symbolism on all their products. The specific shape of the box and the style of the fonts make it possible to unmistakably identify the products of a particular brand.

Basic requirements for cosmetic packaging

In addition to carefully thought-out design, high-quality packaging for cosmetics is distinguished by:

  • wear resistance. An important purpose of packaging is to protect its contents from damage. It should easily withstand external influences, while maintaining external attractiveness;
  • reliability. Strong packaging allows you to preserve the integrity of the goods and makes a favorable impression on customers;
  • informative. The packaging should contain important information for the consumer about the composition, date and place of production, terms and conditions of storage, features of the product;
  • the ability to protect the product from opening. Packaged cosmetics are more readily bought because there is a guarantee that the product has not been tested or used.
  • compliance with the class and cost of cosmetic products that are inside. Usually, a budget equal to 5-10% of the final price is laid in its production.

High-quality modern materials and professional equipment on which packaging materials are produced allow to bring these standards to life.

What is needed to get the original packaging for cosmetics

To develop a unique packaging design for cosmetics, understanding the needs of customers will help:

  • their way of life. It is advisable to produce funds for professional use in large format. A small amount of cosmetic products will quickly run out and force you to go to the store again. For regular home use, a format that is too large will be inconvenient. If cosmetics take up a lot of space, it is inconvenient to take it with you and use it regularly, which will push you to look for a more compact replacement;
  • motivation to buy cosmetics. If funds are intended for a certain age or struggle with specific problems, this should be clear from the external design;
  • views and values. Eco-friendliness, luxury or any other special approach to the production of cosmetics should be read by its design.

Let’s create the right packaging, and customers themselves will come for your cosmetics. A thoughtful design will help to significantly reduce the cost of an advertising campaign.

Design-Print Ukraine provides the best packaging for real gurus of the cosmetics industry

Understanding how difficult it is for modern cosmetics manufacturers to stand out from the competition and promote their product, Design-Print Ukraine is ready to provide comprehensive assistance in creating the right packaging. 20 years of experience in the field of printing, as well as the availability of a modern fleet of the best printing equipment, allow us to implement solutions of any complexity. Implementing an integrated approach to the production of packaging for cosmetics, we offer:

  • individual development of the layout, taking into account the characteristics of the product and brand;
  • selection of solutions with the ability to adapt to any budget;
  • a full production cycle with printing, embossing, foiling, lamination and varnishing, figured die-cutting on materials of any density;
  • timely fulfillment of orders in any volume – from one piece to many thousands of copies.

Working with Design-Print Ukraine, you will be able to buy packaging for cosmetics, the design of which corresponds to modern trends and your personal vision.

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