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Manufacture of cardboard packaging 

The production of cardboard packaging is one of the main specializations of Design-Print Ukraine. There are no minor details in it – design, text, colors, tactile sensations from contact with the material determine the perception of the brand and its products. It is through the packaging that the brand’s connection with the consumer lies, and contact, visual and tactile, begins with it. With Design-Print Ukraine you can realize any ideas and turn cardboard packaging from a simple means of storing and transporting goods into a marketing tool.

Designers develop products according to specific parameters, for a specific product. There are different types:

  • boxes;
  • packages;
  • folders, etc.

We offer the production of cardboard packaging according to the individual request of the client. Design-Print Ukraine is a partner you can rely on.

We are a full-cycle printing house, therefore we are ready to help you in the development and production of a packaging batch of any circulation. Template solutions are not our approach. Each order is made in such a way as to fully reflect the wishes and individual style of the customer.

Opportunities and benefits of cooperation

Cardboard packaging to order should be one more element of corporate identity and corporate symbols. A well-designed product will reflect the brand’s ideology, allow the company to express its individuality and demonstrate concern for the customer.

Solid, pretty to the touch, stylish packaging is the first thing your client will encounter when interacting with the business. Make this meeting perfect: we will help you create a cardboard box that will complement and highlight the quality of your product.

Cardboard packaging materials are rapidly gaining popularity due to a number of advantages:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • acceptable prices;
  • a variety of design options, post-printing processes used on cardboards that can emphasize any design. On the packaging you can apply inscriptions, logos, etc.; 
  • presentable appearance.

Cardboard products are versatile and suitable for many business areas.

Steps of cardboard packaging production

The production of cardboard packaging begins with the preparation of a layout. It is necessary to develop the design of cardboard packaging and design taking into account the corporate identity. There are many configurations available that differ in purpose. Together with you, we will prepare the best and most profitable option, taking into account the volume, type of product, goal and budget.

The production of cardboard packaging in the “lid-bottom” format is most in demand. Cardboard is used for the manufacture of sectional trays, packs. We select the size individually for your products.

Cardboard packaging to order from Design-Print Ukraine specialists in Kyiv is an individual product directly for your business. It will increase brand awareness and help show the company from the best side even in small things. You can put logos, text, etc. on the packaging. To do this, we use offset or digital printing technologies.

If required, we mark the product type (at the request of the client). It all depends on the purpose of the box. Designations for products that are stored in individual packaging, or in direct contact with cardboard, are different. Conventional signs are placed at the end, defining the requirements for transportation, carrying, storage.

It may also differ depending on the purpose of the product (gift packaging, for storage, presentation, sale of goods). Applicable:

  • die-cutting;
  • fold;
  • Lamination;
  • embossing;
  • UV varnish application;
  • thermal lift;
  • creasing.

Post-print processing will make products original and memorable.

Die-cutting and gluing process

The production of cardboard packaging is carried out according to a previously agreed layout. 

The production of cardboard packaging is carried out on high-tech equipment. We have at our disposal a 5-color printing machine with a varnish section, equipment for removing forms. There are manual processing workshops. We are constantly working to improve the quality and do our best to ensure that our customers get exactly what they dreamed of!

Cardboard packaging to order can be made in batches of almost any volume, including in a short time. Details can be discussed with the manager.

Do you want to become our client? Contact us, our managers are always glad to see you!