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What materials are used

The production of cardboard boxes involves the use of different types of cardboard. There are several types of packaging material:

  • uncoated. Thickness – 0.27-0.6 mm. It passes air well, therefore it is especially in demand for food products, especially confectionery. Suitable for printing or drawing – they are applied by offset or digital printing;
  • coated. Thickness – from 0.6 mm. The surface is glossy or matte. Well perceives any types of paint, unique, suitable for any product. Often used for promotional purposes and for the manufacture of image boxes;
  • chromersatz. Thickness – 0.25-0.6 mm. The front side is white or brown, coated with a printed image, another print. Designed for household chemicals, cosmetics, perfumery;</li>
  • chromeboard. Made from bleached pulp. Thickness – up to 1.5 mm. It is coated and uncoated. Suitable for complex multi-color printing, perfectly accepts any technology and ink.

Custom-made boxes made of kraft cardboard are eco-friendly, durable, beautiful. The top layer of this material is very strong, durable. He is not afraid of scuffs, cracks. 

Triplex and duplex cardboard are also popular. In the first case, this is a material with double-sided coating, in the second – with one-sided coating.

Scope of application

Custom-made cardboard boxes are environmentally friendly, do not contain toxic harmful substances. Therefore, they are convenient and safe to use for the transportation of any goods, including food, ready meals. Cardboard containers are universal and are especially in demand in the following industries:

  • shipping goods. Many companies order the production of boxes in assortment in order to send goods to customers safe and sound. This is the most convenient, simple and affordable type of packaging;
  • packaging of cosmetics, perfumes. Cardboard will protect sensitive plastic or glass from shock, other mechanical damage;
  • delivery of confectionery, ready meals;
  • courier delivery. The service worker can easily handle the carrying or transportation of cardboard packaging. You can not be afraid that he will damage the goods on the road;
  • gift wrapping. Printing boxes for such purposes also involves the creation of an original design. You can apply congratulatory inscriptions, drawings, make complex ornaments.

Custom boxes can be:

  • transport;
  • industrial;
  • consumer.

The former are good for postal shipments, shipments over long distances, suitable for clothes and shoes. Perfectly withstand long transportation, resistant to strong fluctuations, vibrations, pressures.

Production options are designed to store batches of the same type of products. They are often branded, with markings printed on top with information about the product. Consumers are the most versatile. They are always indispensable when you need to pack products and additionally give them a presentable look.

Key benefits

The production of cardboard boxes – corrugated or kraft – is in demand, due to the exceptional advantages of such packaging:

  • light weight;
  • affordable price;
  • a wide variety of shapes, designs, colors;
  • reusable;
  • environmental friendly.

We produce models according to individual layouts, we guarantee high quality.

Production of cardboard boxes

There are no trifles in running a business. Even the packaging is one of the carriers of the identity and style of the company, and the first impression of the purchase often depends on its quality. The box is a simple but important link in communication with the client. Cardboard packaging is everywhere, it is used to send orders to customers in the form of cosmetics, medicines, clothes and shoes, household appliances, and other goods. We offer custom boxes designed especially for you. They differ in size, design, and gluing methods.

Cardboard packaging is much stronger and more durable than paper packaging. Demanded in pharmaceuticals, retail, financial institutions, enterprises. The production of cardboard boxes in the Design-Print Ukraine company is carried out according to individual layouts. The product will easily become an effective marketing tool if you highlight it by printing logos or slogans, applying original drawings.

Types of cardboard boxes

Cardboard packaging differs in size and material composition. The determining factor in the choice is the type of construction.

We produce the following types of cardboard boxes:

  • lid-bottom. The easiest option. Consists of two cardboard parts. One is made without a bottom or upper plane, and the second without a bottom. Such models are most in demand when transporting and sending shoes. Often they are equipped on the side with a window made of film or plastic to view the contents;
  • tray. This is a box without a lid, with handles cut out on the sides. Purpose – storage of vegetables, fruits. This design is also good when you need to demonstrate the product to the buyer;
  • self-assembly model. The most popular option is divided into many varieties. The main feature is the ability to assemble and use without special devices like adhesive tape.

Other options are possible too.

When ordering the production of cardboard boxes, you can make a choice in favor of the original forms. Non-standard options are round, six-, octagonal. They are decorated with liners and other elements.

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