Printing calendars

The calendar was first printed in 1448 by Johannes Gutenberg himself. The released product made a splash no less than the Bible published in the same period. Thousands of outstanding inventions after that were received by humanity, a poster with dates and months on the wall managed to change hundreds of times, but it never lost its popularity. Unless it significantly expanded the functionality, turning from a means of fixing passing days into an integral attribute of corporate culture and effective marketing.

Why is calendar printing in demand?

Why are these publications so good that every year every self-respecting company and organization seeks to order a calendar, so that they can later use it as souvenirs? 

Versatility. They are great for all target audiences of any business: their own employees, business partners and customers.

Such a wide coverage is provided by the natural characteristics of the product:

  1. No restrictions on the place of use. The manager’s office, teacher’s room, cafe, corridor in the apartment – it is everywhere where they follow the change of days.
  2. Practicality. The publication brings specific benefits, as it simplifies the planning and organization of work.
  3. Long validity period. Once on the wall or desktop, it will stay there for a whole year.

The calendar is exactly the gift that unobtrusively, but very effectively represents the brand. It is enough just to think over an interesting concept when producing calendars to order, place a logo, company name or contacts on the pages – and you will get a tool that can effectively perform two important tasks:

  • Company advertising. If you are just entering the market, it will tell about you, the services provided or the goods produced, motivate you to take certain actions, and increase brand awareness.
  • Strengthening the image. Production of calendars is a reflection of the corporate style, mission and values ​​of the company. Such an edition emphasizes the owner’s involvement in the brand, increasing his loyalty.

Obviously, this printing is of great importance rather than just a tool for planning a work schedule or weekends. Practicality in it is closely intertwined with marketing and image tasks, which requires thoroughness in the development and production process.

Which one calendar is worth ordering for my company?

Traditionally, the classification of printed calendars is carried out with an emphasis on the place where the publication will be placed. Three main groups are distinguished: pocket, desktop and wall. All have the same functionality, only the design and print format differ.

Pocket. This type of custom-made calendar is perfect for New Year’s Eve promotions. Such a product has a size of 7×10 cm and, as a rule, remains with the recipient much longer than conventional flyers and leaflets. Such calendars are worn in notebooks, wallets, etc.

Desktop. They represent a large group, which includes ordinary and folded calendars, a pyramid, a cube, etc. Given the limited area, they require detailed thoughtfulness of filling: it should be concise, but meaningful. In the manufacture of calendars of this type, it is preferable to use high-quality and dense materials that allow you to maintain the presentability of the product with frequent contact with hands.

Wall. The most popular group of calendars to order. These include single-block, displaying only one month; two-block, showing the current and future months; and the “headliners” of the whole family are quarterly. It is the printing of calendars, which makes it possible to see three months at the same time, is the most demanded. This is largely due to their maximum practicality.

Order a calendar that will make you stand out

Producing calendars is an art. It is necessary to take into account many circumstances in order to get a product that will stand out from the background of numerous “brothers” and receive the desired attention and a cherished place on the wall.

To begin with, clearly identify the target audience, where they spend most of their working time. This will allow you to decide which of the three types of calendar printing is preferable for you. Also think about what additional features your publication may have. When printing a calendar, special attention should be paid to the title image: it should not be overloaded with details, be too catchy and annoying. Pick something dainty yet versatile that will go well with any interior.

The printing of calendars and their overall design should also be up to par. Only a publication that has creativity and soul will find its response. Come up with a bright yet stylish concept. Turn the idea into a layout yourself or make a custom-made calendar in an organization that will ensure the impeccable execution of the idea and high-quality printing. The printing house, equipped with modern technology, will produce calendars of any complexity in the required volume and within the specified time. It’s not very difficult to find one. At the same time, the price for printing calendars can vary significantly, but remember that cheaper is not always better. And in this case, it is quality that should be a priority. Without it, any waste of funds is unjustified.

If you need to print calendars in Kyiv, apply maximum creativity and effort, use the help of proven professionals – and then the time itself will advertise you!

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