Boxes for cakes from the manufacturer

Boxes for cakes from the manufacturer are not only a way to protect delicate confectionery during transportation, but also an important element of your own brand. The quality of packaging can say a lot about a manufacturer. Often it is the determining factor in the choice of products by the buyer. Not knowing the taste of a confectionery, he chooses with his eyes, giving preference to the most stylish and presentable specimens. Cakes are often bought for special occasions and presented as a gift. 

The box judges the exclusivity of the product. Cheap packaging does not say anything about its high quality, while the original design and unique style can say a lot about the attitude of the manufacturer to the product.

How to create unique packaging
for your product

The box is an important and relatively inexpensive advertising element that affects the level of sales of your product and the degree of customer loyalty to it. A lot can be understood from the packaging for the cake:

  • get to know the products of your favorite brand;
  • get information about the composition of the product and its shelf life;
  • form the first impression about the product and its uniqueness.

Cooperation with the direct manufacturer of cake packaging will allow you to highlight your product and make its presentation original. With the help of a properly designed box, you can take care of the client – put in a postcard, simplify unpacking, divide the confectionery product into separate portions in advance.

Aesthetics play a big role in choosing a cake. The original packaging demonstrates the unique approach of the manufacturer and encourages the potential customer to try the product.

Recommendations for the design
of boxes for confectionery

Cake packaging can be ordered in any shape and size. However, when choosing a design and filling method, it is important to take into account some nuances:

  • environmental friendliness. It is necessary to use only food-safe materials that do not interact with the constituent creams;
  • practicality. Boxes for cakes from the manufacturer must be strong enough to ensure the safety of products during transportation;
  • security. Confectionery products should not dry out in their original packaging, and at the same time, condensation should not be allowed to form inside during storage and transportation;
  • convenience. The thoughtfully designed box is easy to carry – the cake in it does not move out and does not touch the walls, which makes it easy to deliver it safely and sound.

Manufacturers of custom-made confectionery often have to fulfill non-standard wishes of their customers. Multi-tiered cakes and real masterpieces with a lot of decorative decorations require especially careful and accurate packaging. With “Design-Print Ukraine” you can complete an order of any complexity without worrying about such an important detail as finding the right packaging for a non-standard confectionery product. In the printing industry, you can order boxes for cakes of the right size, taking into account all your wishes.

Cake boxes as an extension
of your corporate identity

Confectionery packaging plays an important role in building your brand reputation. According to the name and special design indicated on it, the buyer will be able to accurately identify his favorite cakes among many others. It is worth ordering cake boxes in corporate design for those who strive to develop their confectionery business. The customer may forget the brand name or product name, but still recognize the original packaging. 

To do this, your boxes should be highlighted with:

  • brand logo. By brand name, consumers will be able to accurately identify the products of their favorite confectionery;
  • unique style. A special color scheme or a specific approach to packaging design will make your cakes noticeable from afar;
  • special design techniques. A non-standard approach to design will highlight and help identify a specific product;
  • transparent inserts made of film or plastic. With their help, you can evaluate the attractiveness and appetizing of the contents without opening the box. The appearance of your cake in this case becomes a unique independent design element.

The Design-Print Ukraine company – printing house, which will help you. We not only carry out orders for the production of packaging for cakes, but also develop their individual design. If your goal is to create practical and beautiful boxes, but you don’t know where to start implementing it, we invite you to Design-Print Ukraine.

Our managers will tell you in detail about the existing printing techniques and help you create a layout for making cake boxes. Professional equipment and advanced capabilities allow us to implement any non-standard solutions. A printing design service is useful for those who are not ready to create layouts on their own.

Why is it worth ordering packaging
from Design-Print Ukraine?

Promotion of your own brand and development of a business idea is impossible without reliable partners who are professionals in their field. Design-Print Ukraine has been providing services for over 20 years. We have at our disposal not only invaluable experience and a wealth of practical skills in implementing projects of any complexity, but also our own fleet of high-performance equipment. If you need to order packaging for a cake, Design-Print Ukraine is ready to offer:

  • layout development and professional selection of design solutions for any budget. You will make sure that the original cake box can have a reasonable value;
  • execution of orders of any volume and complexity. Several thousand boxes will be produced within the period strictly specified by the contract;
  • simple realization of your goal. The availability of professional equipment with a wide range of capabilities allows our customers to create original, selling packaging.

Design-Print Ukraine is your key to success. We take on tasks that others cannot. Contact our managers to see for yourself.

Do you want to become our client? Contact us, our managers are always glad to see you!