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The main types of material for boxes with a logo

Manufacture of boxes with a logo is possible from various types of cardboard, which makes their use available in almost all industries. The base material may differ in the degree of rigidity, strength, ability to retain shape and aesthetic characteristics, so let’s consider the main types from which you can order boxes with a logo:

  1. Cellulose cardboard is the most popular packaging material. Aesthetic, suitable for the implementation of stylish and unusual solutions.
  2. Chrome-ersatz. Thin type of cardboard with high aesthetics. It is resistant to abrasion at the folds. In the uncoated version, it allows the printing of boxes with a logo in black and white. The coated type of cardboard is suitable for laminating a full-color image.
  3. Binding cardboard. Perfectly retains the shape and appearance of the material. One of the important advantages is the ability to retain heat and protect the product from absorbing odors.

Logo box shapes

The use of modern printing equipment allows branding cardboard packaging of various shapes. This process is available and justified in relation to the following types of boxes:

  • Four-valve (most often used for packing and transporting household appliances and bulky goods).
  • Penals (reminiscent of the shape of a matchbox, suitable for piece goods or gifts).
  • Trays (perform the task of low open boxes of varying sizes).
  • Lids-bottom (the design provides for the presence of two separated elements, one of which acts as a lid, the second – the main body).
  • Books (imply connecting the upper part with one of the sides, open like a book).
  • Organizers (distinguished by the presence of internal partitions, most often used to transport breakable goods).

And although each of the listed varieties implies its own scope of use, this absolutely does not exclude the need to apply the company’s brand name. He will play his role, regardless of the type of box and the products placed in it.

Production of boxes with the logo on the seal

The first cardboard box to bear manufacturer’s information rolled off the assembly line in 1870. In such an unusual container for those times, oatmeal was released. After years of using an uncomfortable oval shape, the new one has become a real breakthrough in the world of packaging. It also outlined a marketing trend that is still in demand today for the manufacture of boxes with the manufacturer’s logo.

Any company seeks to find the optimal balance in terms of cost reduction and customer satisfaction. Choosing the right packaging is no exception. 

Taking into account modern trends, it should be environmentally friendly: do not harm human health and the environment. Have any dimensions to be suitable for transportation and clearance of various goods. The issue of practicality is also important: the packaging should be durable, lightweight and not take up much space. Well, the key point is the cost: it should be affordable so as not to increase the price of the goods.

Most companies see the use of cardboard boxes as packaging that meet all the stated criteria as an ideal solution to the task. But here a new financial question arises: is it worth resorting to additional expenses to order boxes with a logo? The doubt is reasonable, because the appearance of certain graphic symbols on the surface does not affect performance in any way. The packaging will definitely not become more convenient due to branding, but it will expand its functionality, turning from ordinary packaging into a tool that strengthens the image and fame of the company.

Let’s highlight the main tasks that are solved in the manufacture of branded boxes with a logo. 

Boxes with a logo perform the following functions:

  1. Forms a positive first impression.
  2. Distinguishes the product among competitive products, emphasizes its individuality.
  3. Guides the consumer during the selection of the desired product.
  4. Long-term fixes a visual image of the results of the selection process.
  5. Causes positive emotions (especially if the company’s slogan is placed nearby).
  6. Makes additional advertising (customers encounter boxes with logos not only when looking for a product, they see them during transportation, just in the store or during the recycling of the container).

Using a logo box allows you to interact with your target audience and promote your business. Numerous experiments confirm that the visual memory of the buyer plays an important role in the choice of goods. A bright beacon for it is your logo on the package. First of all, a person searches the characteristics of the product on which he saw a familiar sign. If brand loyalty has already been formed, the logo will become an indisputable argument in favor of making a purchase.

Types of printing in the manufacture of boxes with a logo

The versatility of cardboard allows not only the use of boxes produced from it as packaging for a variety of goods, but also the use of various surface treatment technologies for this material.

The silk-screen printing method is quite original, but due to the specifics of technological processes, it is suitable only for the production of a small run of packaging.

In the manufacture of custom-made boxes with a logo, great attention is also paid to post-printing processing. We are talking about varnishing, foil stamping, laminating or embossing. These operations allow you to give the package even more gloss and originality. Foil stamping will allow you to get elements in gold, silver colors and many other color shades, and embossing will make them convex. All of the above points are individually discussed with the designer when developing the layout and discussing the deadline for its implementation.

Brand style rules

Packaging refers to advertising that does not annoy the consumer. It provides information that the buyer has a request for (expiration dates, rules of use, etc.) but at the same time tells about the company itself. In order for the bundle to work correctly, it is important to adhere to the corporate style when making a box with a logo. In a simplified sense, the term is a set of artistic elements used in the creation of advertising.

This includes the following required components:

  1. Trademark (depending on the quality of printing and the materials used, both a full and a simplified version are provided).
  2. Corporate font (many companies commission the development of special fonts or use strictly defined ones to make it easier for customers to focus and remember).
  3. Corporate color (brand books of organizations stipulate the color or combinations of colors that are present on the packaging, and in which the trademark must be executed).

Even the constant use of a specific material in the manufacture of packaging is an element of corporate identity. The listed components, as well as mosaic puzzles, only assembled correctly together give the client a complete picture of the product and its manufacturer.

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